Ant Keeping Depot

We'd like to introduce to you guys, and give you a sneak peek of, our latest endeavour, Ant Keeping Depot.

Ant Keeping Depot is a web store that features manufacturers and brands from all across the world and almost 200 products. The web store will be the global home of ant keeping equipment. No longer will you have to scour the internet to find exactly the right product you're looking for. They'll all be right here. Our motto; "If you can't find it here, it doesn't exist".

The store will enable you to shop for quality products at affordable prices and purchase products from different manufacturers at the same time, building the perfect homes for your ants. Our purchasing power will enable us to offer great deals on equipment available in the store also. We'll be featuring monthly specials from randomly selected manufacturers.

We're planning to launch by the end of next month so stay tuned for a launch announcement soon.





Brendon Cameron