We've been working hard on a few projects here at Gamergate and the latest one thats set for release before the end of the month is our brand new website, and we thought we'd give you a brief preview of whats in store.

Not immediately evident by the name, Taxonomers is a site that will allow you to upload a photo or image of an ant or queen, along with other details such as the date, time and location you found her. Users will be able to view the image and location on a map and help identify the ant or offer a suggestion as to what they think it may be. 

Once the image is uploaded it will be stored in a database so that others may use the information to help them find their own queen of a similar species at a later stage. They may also be able to compare their own queen with your image if found in a similar area at a similar time, to help identify her on their own.

We don't want to give too much away, but we can tell you that weather details will also be available for the day the queen was found and the days proceeding it. Along with the precise location of where you found her, this will assist others who are attempting to find their own queens in following years.

The site will be available and accessible worldwide.

We can't wait to go live.


Brendon Cameron