Fluon PTFE Insect Escape Barrier

Fluon PTFE Insect Escape Barrier

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• Draw invisible lines on plastics, glass, and metals that insects can not cross

• Integrated felt-tip applies more smoothly compared to traditional applicators

• Ready to use! No mixing, measuring, or pre-diluting before use

• Covers over 3 sq. meters surface area. Product will last years if properly stored

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What is Fluon®?

Fluon® is a milky-white, slippery plastic resin that, once applied to the vertical walls of an insect habitat, pet food bowl, or other plastic, glass, or smooth metal surface, will prevent ants or insects from crawling past the nearly invisible barrier. Once they reach the barrier, they will slip and fall back to the bottom.

Properly maintained, the barrier can last for several months and is completely non-toxic.

Fluon® is a laboratory-grade product used by entomologists world-wide to prevent ants and other insects from escaping their container or habitat.

How to use:

2- and 3-pack bundles include a comprehensive, printed instruction booklet for use. Purchasers of individual bottles may access a digital copy of the manual.