UPDATE: Handmade Formicariums From Nardimai

UPDATE: After reaching out to Nardimai they've gotten back to us with some details regarding their upcoming formicariums shown below.

Currently slated for a December/January release, these formicariums have been designed and created by a group of ant keeping enthusiasts. Their main aim was to create a formicarium that could house a single queen during her founding stage and then be used during the first few years of her colonies life by opening the chambers of the nest as the colony size increases.

Sized at 240mm x 150mm x 120mm these formicariums are perfect for a desk or table and currently come in four different 'habitats', Sahara, Salt-Lake, Mars, and Volcano, shown above. 

As suggested they've included a unique heating method shown right. As all ant keepers know adding heat below a formicarium usually leads to condensation on the glass obscuring the nest view. Nardimai have attempted to combat this by using a heating cable that is pulled straight through the formicarium that sits above the nest area.

It was also important to be able to add water to the nest via the outside of the formicarium and they have added this feature. The water level is also visible from the outside.

The nest area has 2 ports that will accept any 15mm x 160mm test tubes. One is typically used when inserting your queen or colony into the formicarium and the other could be used for an additional water reservoir.

As mentioned the formicarium comes with multiple nest blocks installed. Once your colony increase in size you can remove one block to increase the nesting area and another to release the workers into the outworld. Negating the need to continuously purchase multiple formicariums.

Every formicarium is handmade and is unique. Keep an eye out around December/January when these go on sale.

Thanks again to Nardimai for the insight.

New and exciting formicarium builders are popping up on a regular basis and we've found another example from a company called Nardimai. 

In some of the photo's that we've managed to obtain above you can see great natural looking formicariums. There appears to be some new ideas being implemented also. We can see a unique heating cable incorporation in one photo and a new test tube insertion method as well. 

We love the natural look and so far they look very promising. 

We've reached out to Nardimai for comment and will let you guys know when we get some more information. Stay tuned.