A New Formicarium From Empire Of Ants

This morning we found this very unique formicarium in our inbox. What seems like a standard acrylic formicarium is actually a unique customizable nest and outworld from Empire of Ants.

Looking closely you can see that the nest area is made up of individual blocks that can be rearranged to create any number of tunnel designs. Further to that they also offer the option of a range of colours to suit your own style.

Hydration is via a hebel block at the rear of the nest. Add the option of an external outworld and you'll be able to fill the nest area with blocks.

The customizable potential this has for further formicariums is exciting. Not only does it mean that you could theoretically use this with one block for a founding queen but also imagine the possibility of a larger nest with many more blocks to design your own nest design.

We would recommend this formicarium only be used with larger ants such as Camponotus. Smaller ants may find it easy to crawl between the blocks.

Head over to Empire of Ants and check it out. It is in Chinese but Google translate does a great job of translating it into your own language. Priced from around US$56.