Tarheel Ants Inception Chamber

As the proud owner of 9 Inception Chambers from Tarheel Ants you could accuse us of being biased, but this product really does speak for itself. With formicarium options ranging from 2" up to the new 4.5" version, the Inception Chamber has a size to suit all sizes of ants.

Water towers included inside the nest in this latest edition filled via hydration ports on the sides of the internal nests make keeping hydration in check, easy. Keeping them topped up is also made easy thanks to the included syringe. Add to that a friction fitting lid on the formicarium and either a glass or plastic lid on the nest kept in place with strong magnets.

The guys at Tarheel Ants have also paid close attention to detail with a plethora of options for decorating the formicarium. Choose from stone, timber and plant decor. Also allowing you to increase the quantity to suit your needs.

We're currently using ours for permanent nests for Pheidole sp., Iridomyrmex bicknelli, amongst others. They are also very effective for semi-claustral queens currently hosting 6 of our Mrymecia.

Check them out here. Starting at $31.99US