Choosing your outworld design

Before we started our first true formicarium we researched the methods and options available to us. High on the list of requirements was an authentic natural looking formicarium. It also had to look fairly minimal with a very high aesthetic. We knew what we wanted to create, but we needed a method to capture the natural look we were after. The first step we took was to cut out a template that was the exact size of my outworld. We then laid the template down on the ground on an area we found appealing and then took photos of it. The result is the photos above.

By using this method we were able to easily see how we could decorate our outworld so that it would look as natural as possible. We will now go about collecting the materials within the template and try to replicate the photo as best as we can.

We'll update this post once we have completed the outworld. Check back soon!

DIYBrendon Cameron