3D Printable Equipment

We've started to notice a large increase in 3D printable equipment that has shown up online. Ranging from fruit fly culture tubes to complete formicariums.

Check out some of the better designs we've found below.


byFormica Fruit Fly Culture Tube

A seemingly simple design by byFormica who are again leading the way in 3D printable equipment. Enabling you to "grow" some fruit flies to feed your ants, this little tube gives you great surface area for the adult fruit flies to breed. The lid incorporates a twist action so you can distribute the flies easily into your formicariums. You can find the design and files here.


Triplicator's Formicarium

Bryan Drapper AKA Triplicator over on Thingiverse has created a nice little 3D printable formicarium. Accepting an 18mm test tube connection to help move your ants in this formicarium is simple in design but utilises some great little tricks. Entirely scalable so you can choose to make a little one, or a better, ahhh, bigger one. Get all the info here.


cypherf0x's Test Tube Holder

We love equipment that we thought we didn't need and thats exactly the case with cypherf0x's test tube holder. Tired of seeing your queens go rolling across the table? Well. you need this or more specifically your queens need this. Capable of holding up 5 16mm test tubs at once, or alternatively 4 18mm test tubes, this little piece of brilliance will keep your ants in one spot. Files and details here.  


byFormica Small Formicarium

Easily our favourite 3D printable piece of equipment currently available is this small formicarium from byFormica. We really can't believe that byFormica have offered this free to anyone that has access to a 3D printer when they could have easily sold it. Large enough to house a small colony of ants this formicarium has differing parts to print to customise it to suit your ants. If you've got a 3D printer you should check this out here.

If you know of a great 3D printable design that we've missed let us know in the comments.