The making of a wood formicarium

We're very lucky to have access to CNC machinery and we've been experimenting with different forms of formicariums. In the photos above you can see that the latest is a wood formicarium.

Some species of ants love to nest in wood rather than other mediums. Our Monomorium rubriceps colony will refuse to leave their wood nest and formicarium altogether. So in this formicarium the nest is in the middle while the outworld is around the outside. A hole between the two gives the ants access.

As we know some people are interested in the manufacturing process of different equipment so we've posted the short video below. You can see our CNC machining out the formicarium. Total time to run was approximately 10 minutes.

We're yet to finalise the hydration method but we are likely to use a water tower inside the nest. We'll try moving our Monomorium rubriceps colony in later in the month. 

Stay tuned in the coming days for the finished product!

DIYBrendon Cameron