Natural Formicariums

Formicariums that are designed with a natural aesthetic are high on our list of wants. Whilst trawling through the internet we came across this website

We prefer them because it gives us a sense of creationism. We love watching our ants explore their outworlds as though they're still in the wild. Giving them a home that they would be used to in the wild not only looks better but it improves their health in general. 

Most of us know that the Europeans are well ahead of the rest of the world when it comes to ant keeping. They've been experimenting with different materials and different idea for years longer than most. These formicarium are no different. They utilises natural materials instead of plastics and glass. Their acorn shell feeder is a great example of a simple idea that delivers great results. We love them.

Another great example are these Stage 2 formicariums. They appear to be setup in large petri dishes. Mixing natural sand, dirt, rocks, wood and leaves to create a miniature world. It's not evident how they're hydrating these tiny formicariums but we assume that the wood nests would absorb water for an amount of time. 

Adrian over on Flickr has showcased his natural formicarum. Again the use of real life items creates a living world despite most not being alive. We would assume that he will be housing some larger ants in this one. The possibility of the ants nesting in the outworld is always a risk.