Minora from Formiculture France

Over in France we've discovered some great formicariums and other ant keeping equipment.

There's one in particular that we love. It's called the Minora and at 160mm it's a compact and great founding formicarium from Formiculture France. 

This is the second generation Minora having launched the original in 2010.

Inside the formicarium the humidity can be controlled by adding water in the bottom section along with your choice of hydration material. Thanks to cleverly placed baffles inside the formicarium 3 chambers will remain humid whilst 5 will be dry. You can feed the ants in the top compartment thanks to a removable lid. Ventilation holes in the lid aid in the removal of excess humidity within the feeding chamber to help avoid mould growth.

It also features a clever connection port that can be opened and closed without the risk of your ants escaping. You can connect a flexible tube and connect an external outworld when the colony begins to outgrow the one inside.

Constructed entirely from Plexiglass and laser cut to size this formicarium is worth checking out.

You can pick one up here starting at €69.