Wood formicarium from AntsRussia

We stumbled on this nice little formicarium featured by AntsRussia on their instagram account. 

It looks like it's housing a timber or wood block machined by CNC at the rear of the formicarium. We can also see removable "slides" that can enlarge the nest area as your colony grows, reducing the need to move the ants as their numbers expand. A test tube port in the front corner facilitates you moving your ants in. 

We're not entirely sure how the nest is hydrated so we've reached out to AntsRussia for comment. 

These wood nests would be perfect for any wood loving species, Camponotus, Crematogaster, etc.

We can't currently find the formicarium for sale on their site but again we've asked the question. We'll let you guys know how to purchase as soon as we receive a reply.

In the meantime check out some of their other formicariums at their site here. They also ship worldwide.