UPDATE: V4 formicarium from Ant Topia

UPDATE: Now available with a removable lid and water tower.

Ant Topia are fast expanding the equipment they have on offer. Their newest formicarium is the V4.

Featuring many of the same features from their V3 formicarium, this model moves the hydration from inside the nest to underneath, increasing space within. Measuring just 88mm x 60mm, it's only a fraction larger than the V3. Watering is achieved by filling a reservoir via a port, and the included pipette, at the back. The chamber can be filled with either a sponge, cotton or other medium. The ants use this hydration area for drinking also. The hydration media can be replaced at any time by removing the bottom skirt.

Three ports on three sides again allow for connection of either an outworld or other modules available from Ant Topia.

Check them out here.