AntKit Unveils New "Foundation Kit"

In an industry where innovation is sometimes difficult to come by, this Foundation Kit from AntKit is a sight for sore eyes.

Amazingly, this is AntKit's debut on Gamergate. A manufacturer based in the UK, AntKit produces all of their equipment in their home country, rather than outsourcing to cheaper markets.

Although they haven't released any details alongside the images you see above, you can assume a few things from the photos.

Fundamentally the kit looks like it is a founding formicarium with a few clever ideas that can be seen in some of the images.

Red acrylic has been added to the viewing windows on the sides to help eliminate the light that is visible to the ants, along with a platform or shelf at the top of the kit that looks like it will be used to feed the queen or small colony whilst still in its founding stages. Perfect for Australia's large semi-claustral Myrmecia ants.

It's the aesthetics that we like the most though. A seemingly simple design with white acrylic, and both the clear and red viewing windows on either side create a new look and style we haven't really seen before.

The kit also includes the same module attachment that is found on all AntKit products, allowing the Foundation Kit to be connected to their outworlds.

Hopefully we'll see this one on sale sooner rather than later.

Check out their store in the meantime for their other great products.