Ants Australia's New Acrylic Nests

Ants Australia made a really big impact on the formicarium market with their Ytong Nests that they released earlier this year. Now they're introducing a new range of acrylic nests!

I've seen lots of acrylic and 3D printed nests come onto the market from manufactures all over the globe, and I've often been a little disappointed with them because they tend to not be produced with the same level of care and precision as Ytong nests. Ants Australia has defied this trend and have produced what I believe is one of the highest quality acrylic nests available on the entire market.

I was lucky enough to actually put one of these nests to the test prior to their official release in the coming days. I decided to give the nest a true challenge so i decided to move in a small Iridomyrmex species.

Many other nests would struggle to contain these well known escape artist. Almost everybody I know who has had Iridomyrmex have dealt with the horror of realising that their setup was not sufficiently sealed, and now they have a desk covered in ants. So I thought these guys would be the perfect test.

Needless to say I encountered absolutely no issues and was thoroughly impressed with Ants Australia's new acrylic nest. The nests have:

  • Various options for sizes and colour (The sizing is the same as the Ytong nests)
  • Easily connected to foraging areas and additional nesting areas
  • Easy to use methods of hydration
  • And just in general, a high quality product

I look forward to seeing what else AA will be able to produce in the coming future !

Look out for these nests and their other products at their new store that will open in the coming days.


Open Disclosure: I was given 2 Ants Australia (AA) acrylic nests to try out for free prior to the official release of the product. No individuals associated with Gamergate (including myself) received any payment or incentive from Ants Australia to produce this article. If I had not enjoyed the product I would not be writing this article.