Get A Gecko In Your Pocket

"The Gecko” was made to cater to smaller ant species or for the founding stages of a new queen.

It is a free standing model with the base cut at a slight angle for better viewing. It looks right at home on a desk or could be placed inside any sort of outworld.

Sculpted by hand from hebel with the same signature tunnels as the bigger “Crocodilian”. It features a removable viewing screen, held neatly in place with neodymium magnets, an external sponge reservoir chamber and a nest entrance stopper for those who wish to take their ants with them wherever they go.

At 100mm in length this formicarium will fit easily in the palm of your hand. You could even take it with you in your search for a new queen. This prototype is currently housing a foundress Anonychomyrma sp. and her developing larvae.


FormicariumsBrian Martell