Tarheel Ants Release Type II Casita Formicarium

Tarheel Ants have again been very busy extending their line-up.

This time its the Casita formicarium that gets the Type II treatment. Featuring a swag of options you've come to expect from Tarheel Ants such as a third viewable side with an additional water tower, or painted nest area. The Type II Casita comes standard as a 100mm x 100mm x 100mm nest and the same size for the foraging area.

The version above has been made for tiny ant species and as such features 4 tunnel rows and a non painted nest area to allow the glass to sit flush against the surface. 

The Type II medium allows for superior hydration levels and is a lot harder than the Type I material. If you've got a particularly strong species that is chewing their way out of their homes then we'd recommend leaning towards the Type II.

Their standard accessories are included, such as stoppers, , syringe and blunt-tip adapter and feeding dish.

We love the Type II material but the Type I still serves a purpose and both are still available at their store. Prices start from around US$98.