Ants Russia Has A New Model In The Works.

UPDATE: Well, as promised here is the final result. Their new model ACFK-3.

Shown above is the finished YTONG block. Interestingly they have included little pieces of acrylic that you can slide in and out to allow more space in the nest as the colony expands, negating the need to move them to a larger formicarium.

No doubt this will be added into their acrylic outworld/nest setups  to allow you to connect them easily.

Looking forward to this one.

As ant keeping becomes more popular so does the methods and techniques used to manufacture the equipment.

New model is coming

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In the short clip shown above, Ants Russia has begun work on what looks like a new model of formicarium, CNC machined from a block of hebel/YTONG. No other details are available at the moment.

We're excited about the future of ant keeping equipment and the potential it has to improve the keeping of huge colonies or hard to raise species.

We'll keep you guys posted as new information comes to hand.


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