Meet the Crustacean

Here’s a creation you might spot lurking around the occasional coffee table in the near future. It’s called “The Crustacean”.

I made this formicarium myself and when you pick it up you know it’s not a toy. All the features required to raise a founding queen through her first year have been meticulously hand crafted into a hebel block.  There is a plugged reservoir chamber in the top and an additional entrance for moving your new queen from a test tube into the nest through a tube if desired. The outworld is a removable 100mm glass cube filled to the carved hebel nest entrance with red desert sand which is supported by the hebel itself. Hidden behind the hebel cover you will see the beautiful signature tunnels known from previous models have been coated with terracotta for that natural feel under your ants feet. The acrylic screen and hebel cover are all held in place with strong neodymium magnets. This nest has been sealed with its natural hebel colour and a white clay.

This particular model was made for ants 20mm or less but tunnels can be carved for any size ant.



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