byFormica Releases Formisazine Ant Assist Test Tube Fluid

Continuing to lead the way in innovation, byFormica have today released a brand new product type. Not only for them, but for the entire industry.

Formisazine Ant Assist test tube fluid is a replacement for the standard tap water that most of us use in our test tube setups.

Most ant keepers know the frustration of mold growing on the cotton wool inside the test tube. The only likely solution is to move the ants out of the affected test tube and into a new one. In order to move the ants we have to make it uncomfortable or undesirable for the ants so that they move relatively quickly. By doing this you are not only inducing unnecessary stress on your ants but you also run the risk of a more permanent suffering.

Formisazine then eliminates the likelihood of mold growing inside the test tube due to its unique composition that resists spoilage. 

We have a lot of test tubes setups here at Gamergate housing our founding queens and colonies. Keeping the tubes free from mold is essential if we are to ensure our ants are of the best health and moving them from test tube to test tube becomes tedious very quickly. We will definitely be utilizing this product in the future.

Available now in the US, the EU in 1-2 weeks, and Canada will have shipments begin within 1-2 months. Australian ant keepers will have access to this product soon so stay tuned.

Priced at $US15 and can be purchased on amazon in your appropriate region.