Turkish Builder Karınca Çiftliğim Shows Off New Formicarium

We showed off some other work by the Karınca Çiftliğim builder a few months ago and we loved the attention to detail. Today they released some images of a 3D printed nest that's in the works.

Interchangeable nest components that sit inside an external frame give you an opportunity to match the right type of nest to the right type of species. Not only that, the nest features a barrier system to restrict the movement of the queen or colony so that you don't have to buy a new nest every time your colony outgrows it's home.

Using the increasingly popular method of 3D printing, they have also included an option to provide a YTONG/HEBEL nest as shown in the photos above. All of the styles are compatible with the minimally decorated outworld also shown above.

Hydration is via a water well in the base of the nest. This humidity rises up through the floor via a metal screen.

We've reached out to the builders for more information regarding price and availability and will let you guys know as soon as we do.