2 New Formicariums From AntsRussia

Hot on the heels of their new nest module, AntsRussia have released two new Formicariums, the ACFK-4 and AWFK-4.

The ACFK-4 is a hebel/YTONG version and the AWK-4 is very similar but uses a wooden nest instead. They both incorporates a few great ideas. Firstly a drinking tube is included that lays horizontally inside the outworld. The idea would be to fill this with water and then plug it with cotton. This will enable the ants to drink the contents without drowning themselves.

Secondly, the nest area has been divided into 4 sections by the use of 3 acrylic "doors". They operate similar to the ones we saw on the formicarium from Karınca Çiftliğim. These sections enable you to populate the nest area slowly in line with the growth of the colony. The main advantage of this process is it enables you to purchase a larger nest initially without the need to constantly upgrade as the colony increases in numbers.

A temperature and humidity meter has also been included in this latest version. Maintaining the correct levels is important and it reduces the stress of the ants and encourages them to increase brood production. 

The team have also tried hard to reduce the airflow behind the front display panel. In these latest versions a thin layer of sealant is used to prevent the ants from filling any gaps with debris.

Nest dimensions for both versions are 200mm x 120mm x 22mm with a large outworld attached measuring 260mm x 200mm x 120mm.

We're particularly interested in the wooden version of this formicarium. There aren't many options when it comes to housing ants that prefer to nest arboreally and this version looks great. 

You can find them on the AntsRussia website. Priced from around $89.