Red Acrylic Test Tube Racks

Test tube racks are a fairly common and simple item used by ant keepers all over the world to store test tube setups holding  queens and founding colonies.

The world of ant keeping is filled with innovation and this latest design by Luke Stewart is the perfect example. 

Luke's adaptation on the age old classic uses red acrylic rather than clear acrylic. The red acrylic blocks out visible light to the ants making them think they are in the dark.  This design is great for those who are maybe a little impatient, such as our new and/or young ant keepers who want to take a sneak peek at their queens everyone once in a while.

Furthermore not everyone has the space to store their queens in complete darkness so this may act as a partial solution to ant keepers facing this issue.

The design is still being fine tuned and not for sale just yet but we've been given some preliminary details. The racks will supposedly be available with the ability to house 5 or 10 test tubes that are 20x150mm or 16x150mm depending upon what you request.

We look forward to seeing this item available for sale in the near future.