Vesuvius The Sleeping Volcano

I imagined a torrent of red Myrmecia flowing from the entrance of this nest like lava from an active volcano and decided “Vesuvius” was an appropriate name for my latest creation.

The hebel block rests snugly inside a 20cm glass cube from Aqua One and acts as the nest and outworld in one. It features  twin entrances which lead to separate nest panels and one can be conveniently plugged until the colony requires more space.

The water tower is strategically placed in the corner and breaches into both panels without allowing the ants to cross over until you have removed the colony expansion plug.

Ants are kept contained with a timber lid made from Tasmanian Oak. A clear panel in the centre provides a better birds eye view with micro mesh for ventilation. The water tower filling port comes up through the lid for external filling and there is also a plugged opening to add food without needing to remove the lid and risk being stung by a very formidable species of ant.

The nest tunnels are kept dark with some black acrylic panels held in place by neodymium magnets.

This Formicarium was custom made for a fellow Australian antkeeper.