How to Build an Ant Nest | Tubs & Tubes from Ants Australia

Ever thought about making your own formicarium or maybe wanting to pick up some extra tips on how to improve your designs? If so, you won't want to miss Ants Australia's newest series of videos focused on homemade formicariums and outworlds.

Ants Australia's first video in the series focuses on several different options with a focus on designs that aren't difficult to make and won't break the budget. All whilst remaining aesthetically pleasing and effective. For the most part all that you will need is some basic supplies and touch of creativity.

The video caters to all ant keepers by covering the basics of formicarium designs whilst also providing some unique and interesting tips to benefit those who are more experienced. 

So check out the video above, get inspired and get creative. Feel free to share some of your designs with us. We are continually impressed by what our fellow ant keepers are able to make. Who knows maybe we'll end up featuring some of your beautiful creations like we have done in the past.