UPDATE: Prototype Formicarium From Ants Australia

UPDATE: Well it seems they've been busier than we thought. Shown up top is a range of hebel/YTONG nests that are on the way, along with their XS model.

CNC machinery has been employed to carve the tunnels, this should make the amount of time to build each one significantly less than doing them by hand.

We've very excited for these now! 

The team from Ants Australia are famous for their incredible video series focusing on some of the best species of ants found in Australia. Now it seems they're considering selling formicariums.

Pictured above is a photo from their Facebook page showing a series of formicaria that they are intending to sell to the public via a new shop hosted on their current website.

We've gotten word that they are hoping to launch sometime in May, but like all good things, you may have to wait.

We'll keep you guys updated once we get more info.