Ants Australia Have Opened Their Online Store

Ants Australia have officially opened the doors of their online store.  We have covered Ants Australia in the past, primarily looking at the informative content produced on their YouTube channel and now it seems they have bigger aspirations than just a successful YouTube channel and are now producing and selling formicariums and other ant keeping essentials.

Currently the formicariums are made from Ytong (also commonly called Hebel or Autoclaved Aerated Concrete (AAC)). They come in a range of colours, sizes and styles, so you can customise your order to meet the requirements of your ants and also your aesthetic preference.

Before the official opening of the store Ants Australia were asked whether they were going to be creating outworlds to go along with these formicariums and replied "The plan is to design them ourselves and we're currently focusing on getting the nests done first. So the outworlds may come somewhere down the line" So it seems Ants Australia has a few ideas in the pipelines.

Ants Australia's showed us some of these new ideas on their Instagram today! The designs still seem to be made from ytong but also have an outworld section. The formicarium and outworld are contained within a single unit made from acrylic or possibly glass. To me the designs are fairly reminiscent of the formicariums produced by Tarheel ants where the whole formicarium and outworld are contained within a single unit.

We look forward to seeing what Ants Australia is capable of producing. We will continue to share with all of you their progress and latest innovations . It's always exciting to see the hobby grow and expand especially if it's being done by fellow Australians. Best of luck Ants Australia!

If any of you try out Ants Australia's, products feel free to share your experience and comments with us. We'd love to hear what all of you think.