A Potted Plant Formicarium From Empire Of Ants

I tend to find formicariums are often bare bones and only fulfil their purpose very effectively, but don't really act as a decorative item for the house like a fish or reptile tank does. A company named "Empire Of Ants" has created a formicarium that seems to be effective, whilst also displaying a sense of class. It may not be a centrepiece design but we believe it would fit nicely as a decorative item in most people's homes.

The formicarium is essentially combined with a potted plant, and makes for a fairly appealing design. It's somewhat difficult to get all the information about this product as the website is not written in English and cannot be easily translated but some things can be deciphered 

The formicarium is approximately 23 x 11 x 13.5cm, as seen in the images provided. The product can be purchased with varying plants, and can also be purchased with a few different starter colonies of ants. The ants appear to be Camponotus sp. however the exact species is unclear.  It's also unclear exactly which counties Empire Of Ants will ship these products and ants to.

Priced from US$65, but this prices will depend on exchange rates at the time and any extras/options that you choose, plus shipping.

You can check it out for yourself here.