Taxonomers Can Help ID Your Ants was launched a few months ago and has seen a steady growth of uploads from the ant keeping community. What you may not have realised is that if you don't know what type of ant you've found you can upload it as "Unknown".

In it's first version, Taxonomers has focused on building a database of ant species locations, but users are also able to upload an unknown species so others can help ID them.

To make things even easier you can go directly to all of the unknown species by clicking on the "Unknown" tag which appears where the Genus name normally would. Alternatively you can check it out here. See if you can help a few ant keepers out by suggested an ID.

Remember that by opening the entry and clicking on "Location" will take you to a pin on the map, helping you ascertain where the ant was found.

So good luck, see if you can ID them all and stay tuned for a big update to the site in a few weeks.