Brand New Formicariums From AntsRussia

New formicarium designs are always exciting and recently Ants Russia has unveiled a new range of formicariums that combine the nesting area with an acrylic outworld into a single unit.

The nesting area is available in various mediums including Hebel (aerated cement), cork, gypsum, wood, and acrylic. The formicarium also comes with a temperature and humidity sensor to enable comprehensive control and awareness of the nest environment.

The formicarium also features hydration towers to provide moisture to the nest and act as a source of water. Fine wire mesh separates the hydration chamber and the nest to prevent ants entering the hydration chamber and drowning or escaping.

The outworld features a fine wire mesh to allow ventilation and easy access to the outworld for cleaning. Overall the numerous options for medium, adequate hydration methods, ability to easily measure temperature and humidity, acrylic outworld enabling clear observation of the ants and the relatively cheap price ( ranging from between approximately $35 - $70 + postage) makes these products very appealing to ant keepers all over the world.

Check them out here.