Antworlds Honeycomb Nests

With the availability of 3D printing continually increasing, we have seen the formicarium market shaken up. New designs and small businesses are continually launched bringing increased competition, availability, new designs, new concepts and hopefully for us ant keepers, cheaper more affordable formicariums.

Today we are having a look at the range of honeycomb nests now being produced by Antworlds.

The nests appear to be 3D printed and feature a sleek honeycomb design. The nests can be purchased with a foraging area or just the nest itself. Personally, I'd rather make my own foraging area than use the ones they provide as they do look a little bit small, but im sure they would do the job. If you do decide to make your own foraging area it can be easily connected to ports in the nest using vinyl tubing.

One thing that really appeals to me about this design is how modular it is. As the colony expands, additional nesting areas can be easily connected and does not require a complete overhaul of your set up.  Starting out with a nest that is too big can be really detrimental to your ants as they tend to place garbage inside the nest rather than taking it outside. This results in increased risk of mould and bacterial growth.

Check out all of the options here.