Gamergate is a blog about ants. We're not entomologists. We're not myrmecologists, and we don't pretend to be. We're ant keeping enthusiasts just like you looking for the best, most up to date information related to ant keeping. 

We're currently a small team based in Melbourne, Australia trawling the internet looking for the best articles, the best equipment, and the best information regarding ant keeping so you don't have to. You can find it all right here, at Gamergate.

We'll also bring bring you information and updates about our very own ant colonies. All Australian of course.






"A gamergate (/ˈɡæmərˌɡeɪt/) is a mated worker ant that is able to reproduce sexually, i.e. lay fertilized eggs that will develop as females. Gamergates are restricted to taxa where the workers have a functional sperm reservoir ('spermatheca'). In various species, gamergates reproduce in addition to winged queens (usually upon the death of the original foundress), while in other species the queen caste has been completely replaced by gamergates. In gamergate species, all workers in a colony have similar reproductive potentials, but as a result of physical interactions, a dominance hierarchy is formed and only one or a few top-ranking workers can mate (usually with foreign males) and produce eggs. Subsequently however, aggression is no longer needed as gamergates secrete chemical signals that inform the other workers of their reproductive status in the colony."



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