Wall Mounted Formicarium

For many ant keepers, we try to look for ways to show of our ants while not having them take up a huge amount of space. The "Olympus (ant farm)" has taken this common issue and created a visually appealing design that won't take up crucial bench/shelf space. The formicarium is designed with the ability to be placed on a desk/shelf or be wall mounted.

The product is seemly well constructed with care and attention to detail. Like many modern designs that we've seen recently the formicarium is meant to be all in one. It has an outworld and nest section contained within a single unit.

The nest is said to be able to create a nest with different zones of humidity. I'm not exactly sure how this is achieved because some of the details are a little unclear. According to its seller, George Kevich, it involves "two partitions on the floors".

If you are interested in learning more about this product and possibly purchasing one of these for yourself you we suggest you contact George Kevich on Facebook.

The price is said to be €25 + shipping from Poland.


EquipmentDarcy Lehmann