Meet "The Maw"

Meet "The Maw".

Continuing their epic builds, CrazyLegs Creations has sculpted this unique formicarium to look like a piece of jawbone from some terrifying creature of nightmares, it's bound to be a hit with horror buffs.

The colour was applied with several washes of different oxides and the finished product coated with wax to seal. A pair of epoxy tusks provide a rail for the cover plate, which is removed to reveal a labyrinth of carefully carved tunnels.

It has a large externally fillable water pot to keep things humid inside and the nest entrance has been positioned to fit directly into any size outworld with a 16mm grommet from Ants Everything. An acrylic screen is simply tacked in place to keep access to the internals for future maintenance. 

A true masterpiece.

Contact Brian Martell if your interested in having your own custom made.