Meet Ant Store's New Acrylic Nests, Antcube

Ant Store, Europes, and arguably the Worlds largest manufacturer, has released a new range of acrylic nests called Antcube

Ant Store has had acrylic nests available for some time, but these latest versions look much better.

Like most other manufacturers these acrylic nests are made with thin acrylic, layered together to create the thickness desired. But interestingly these nests also include a clay layer that will help retain moisture.

The middle part of the nest area has a stainless steel mesh grille for ventilation and access to the clay slab. Incidentally this removable grille can also be used to feed the ants directly in the nest.

Connecting the nest to either an outworld or another nest appears to be easy via side connections on both sides.

Currently available in small, medium or large and priced from around 49€, you can check them out here.