Modular V3 Nest From Ant-Topia

When we first started the blog it seemed like there was only a handful of formicariums available on the market. What most people don't know is that there are great boutique formicarium makers around the world creating new nests all the time.

Case in point is the Modular V3 from Ant-Topia, situated in Michigan, USA. Measuring just 69mm x 56mm, this 3D printed nest is an inexpensive starter formicarium that can be added to later as the colony expands. It features 3 connection ports that can be connected easily to other nests, outworld or some other exciting hubs and modular items Kelly Sutton and the team are cooking up.

Currently only available in blue and white, although Antopia have advised us that other colours will be available in time, along with other larger sizes. Hydration is via a cellulose sponge that is contained behind stainless steel mesh. Ants can also use this as a drink station. The acrylic lid is mechanically secured as well as being a very tight friction fit.

Currently available from their website for just US$12.50. Be sure to support them and check out their Facebook page below.